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August 1st Flower of the Week




Great Perennial Wildflower addition to any home garden or prairie field.

Found throughout the Tallgrass Prairie region and in other open prairie areas, especially on dry soils.
Also does quite well in disturbed areas and dry woods. Blooms from June to October. 
Can grow to 5 feet tall with stem branched toward the top of the plant. 
Arrowhead-shaped leaves are opposite on the stem and can be 6 inches long. 
Stem may be topped by a single light yellow flower or branched into a head of many flowers. 
No medicinal or food uses reported but it has been used widely as an ornamental in gardens.

Sun Exposure               Prairie, Savanna
Soil Moisture Wet Mesic, Mesic, Dry Mesic
Bloom Time

Summer, Fall  
  August, September, October

Bloom Color Yellow
Max Height 5 feet
Wetland Code UPL
Germ Code  C(30)

Edible Uses: Unknown
Medicinal Uses: Unknown
Herbal Uses: Unknow