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Bare Roots Planting PDF Download Bare Roots Planting Guide
Ion Exchange, Inc.

Jump start your bare root plantings with our step-by-step guide.
Bare Roots can be planted in cold weather.  Discover how you can begin planting as the snow flies.
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Prairie Planting PDF Download Prairie Planting Guide
Ion Exchange, Inc.

Great!  You have just purchased your Plants or Seeds. Nuturing and Planting are important to maintain your natural beauty.  Find out how to properly plant or sow your seeds to make the most of your prairie, backyard garden, or meadow!
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Seed Collecting PDF Download

Seed Collecting Brochure
Tall Grass Prairie

From which species, equipment, where and when to collect, this brochure gives you the beginner basics.
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Drying Native Seed PDF Download Drying Native Seed
Tall Grass Prairie

Important Tips on Drying Seeds, Equipment Needed, together with an Overview of various Thresing Methods.
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Propagating Native Plants PDF Download Propagating Native Plants
Tall Grass Prairie

Gain experience with individual species lifecycle, growth-habits, and natural history… and bring 
important biodiversity to your out-door living space 
at the same time!
Gain experience with individual species lifecycle, growth-habits, and natural history… and bring important biodiversity to your out-door living space at the same time!
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Appreciate Prairie Remnants PDF Download Recognizing & Appreciating Prairie Remnants
Tall Grass Prairie

What is a Prairie Remnant?  Why is it important and persistent? Exotic species and Invasive Species basics.
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Native Seed Production PDF Download Native Seed Production
Tall Grass Prairie

This four part manual includes: General Information, 50 Specie Reference Sheets, Appendices, and Supplemental Info.

The intent of this manual is to provide basic information for native seed production of nearly 50 species of the tallgrass prairie flora of the upper Mid-west. The information presented is compiled from published accounts coupled with native seed production experience at the Tallgrass Prairie Center at the University of Northern Iowa.
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