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Native Seed Mixes

Native Seed Mixes and Prairie Plant Seed Mixes can enhance almost any garden or landscape location.  Browse our native wildflower seed mix collections as we offer seed mixes for all soil types and sun conditions.  Our mixes are used for home gardens to attract wildlife, hummingbirds, and butterflies.  In addition, our native mixes are incorporated into large scale prairie plantings, commercial projects, DOT improvements, theme parks, golf courses and many more.

 If you don't find what you are looking for or have any questions, please feel free to contact us as we can create a custom mix for your particular site or design.

Have questions regarding plant site, soil, blooms, sun, height or maintenance?  
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  • Dormant Seeding Mix with Prairie Spiderwort
    $275.00 Choose Options DORMANT WILDFLOWERS ONLY MIX
    Wildflowers Only Mix can be used for Dormant Seeding.  Seed this showy mix after the ground termperature drops below 50 degrees F.    Watch this mix spring to life as the seasons progress...

  • Sandy Site Mix
    $150.00 Choose Options SANDY SITE SEED MIX
    The Sandy Site Seed Mix is a mixture of specially selected wildflowers and grasses that are adapted to sandy soils with full sunlight exposure.  This seed mix is great for soils that are sandy,...

  • Honey Bee on Wildflower - Buy Pollinator Seed Mix
    $150.00 Choose Options POLLINATOR MIX
    POLLINATOR SEED MIX - ALL SEASONSPollination by Native Bees    Plant 1 lb. for every 2000 square feet. This mix includes the following species. Big Bluestem Indian Grass Prairie Brome Little Bluestem Sideoats...

  • Winter Wonderland Mix
    $150.00 Choose Options WINTER WONDERLAND MIX
    Break the monotony of bleak winter days with grey gloomy skies and get out there and do a dormant seeding which will give you visions of spring.  Many of our friends and clients have spread their seed over two to three...

  • Showy Wildflower Mix, native wildflowers grow spring, summer and fall.
    $240.00 Choose Options SHOWY WILDFLOWER MIX
    These species have been selected to give you showy blooms throughout the growing season from spring through fall.  This mix has 30% more wildflower seed in it than our standard mixes.  A great value for those who...

  • Golf Course Grass Seed Mix - Eco-Friendly!
    $125.00 Choose Options ECO-FRIENDLY GOLF COURSE SEED MIX
    I have created a new native seed mix just for golf courses. Since golf courses get a bad rap for being a sterile environment that uses too many chemicals and too much water, this solution can add a low maintenance feature in...

  • Wet Mesic Native Seed Mix
    $200.00 Choose Options WET MESIC MIX - NATIVE SEED MIX
    Our Wet Mesic Native Seed Mix is excellent for soils that are between well drained and wet.  These soils have a high moisture holding capacity but are not soggy or marshy.  Your site should be full sunlight. ...

  • Savanna Woodland Edge Native Seed Mix
    $145.00 Choose Options SAVANNA | WOODLAND EDGE - NATIVE SEED MIX
    The Savanna | Woodland Edge Native Seed Mix brings back memories. A Midwest Savanna is typified by having large Bur Oaks spaced about creating a park like effect. These areas were so beautiful to the new settlers that they...

  • Prudent Prairie Seed Mix
    $90.00 Choose Options PRUDENT PRAIRIE SEED MIX
    The Prudent Prairie Seed Mix is composed of many wildflowers that are affordable for a tighter budget but still has the color of all seasons and adapts to a wide range of soil conditions.  This mix can include either...

    $175.00 Choose Options PREMIER PRAIRIE MIX
    The Premier Prairie Seed mix will not disappoint you with it's huge diversity of native wildflowers and prairie grasses.  Designed after Hayden Prairie, one of Iowa's last jewels of the past.  The heritage of...

  • Prairie Grasses Seed Mix
    $25.00 Choose Options PRAIRIE GRASSES MIX
    Per Pound Price: Seeding Rate: 10 lbs/Acre. Big Bluestem, Indiangrass, Sideoats Grama, Little Bluestem, Virginia Wild Rye, Canada Wild Rye, Rough...

    $90.00 Choose Options PRAIRIE BIRTH MIX
    The Prairie Birth mix will grow well in both sun and partial shade and will provide blooms all season.  Purple Coneflower,  Big Bluestem, and Black Eyed Susan will compete well with...

  • Low Growing, No Mow Lawn Grass -  Minimal maintenance - all soil and sun types
    $100.00 Choose Options NO-MOW - LOW-GROW LAWN SEED
    Price per 10 Lb No Mow | Low Grow Lawn Seed - is a unique eco-friendly, low maintenance, cool season mix comprised of fine-leaf fescues. Grows in almost every soil and sun type. Sun, Part Shade, or shade, this grass will...

  • Marsh Emergent Site Native Seed Mix
    $225.00 Choose Options MARSH EMERGENT SITE SEED MIX
    The Marsh Emergent Site Native Seed Mix consists of site-specific species adaptable to soggy conditions and will withstand some flooding.  These plants require extremely high moisture.  You can test your site...

  • Grand Meadow | Mesic Site Native Seed Mix
    $150.00 Choose Options GRAND MEADOW | MESIC SITE SEED MIX
    The Grand Meadow | Mesic Site Seed mix is filled with a grand diversity of wildflowers and native grasses that will bloom from spring into the fall.  Pictured above are Prairie Blazingstar, Yellow Coneflower, Wild...

  • Dry Soil | Short Prairie Seed Mix
    $150.00 Choose Options DRY SITE/SHORT PRAIRIE SEED MIX
    The Dry Site | Short Prairie Seed Mix is a mixture of specially selected wildflowers and grasses that are adapted to dry soils with full sunlight exposure.  This seed mix is great for soils that are...

    The Butterfly Hummingbird Garden Seed Mix attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to your property by including  wildflowers that are attractive to both.  Through the years, we have identified the native species...