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Native Rushes

Native Rushes - Plants | Seeds

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  • SCIRPUS VALIDUS | Soft Stem Bulrush
    $0.00 Choose Options SCIRPUS VALIDUS | Soft Stem Bulrush
    Soft Stem Bulrush (Scirpus Validus) is a tall, perennial, herbaceous sedge plant that grows up to ten feet tall. The leaves are highly modified into long sheaths that closely girdle stem bases. The flowers are borne in an...

  • SCIRPUS PUNGENS | Common Three-Square
    $0.00 Choose Options SCIRPUS PUNGENS | Common Three-Square
    Common Three Square (Scirpus Pungens) is a perennial, rhizomatous wetland plant found at low to midland eleveations in standing water of 6 - 10 inches of backwater streams, ponds, resevoirs and lake shorelines . The plants...

    $0.00 Choose Options SCIRPUS FLUVIATILIS | River Bulrush
    River Bulrush ( Scirpus Cypernius) is part of the sedge family (Cyperaceae) and is an excellent shoreline stabilizer. It grows 3 - 5 feet tall and can be separated from grasses and rushes by looking at the spikelets, which...

  • SCIRPUS ATROVIRENS | Dark Green Bulrush
    $0.00 Choose Options SCIRPUS ATROVIRENS | Dark Green Bulrush
    Dark Green Bulrush (Scirpus Atrovirens) is a native perennial plant is about 2     Click Here for Detailed Info Sun...

  • SCIRPUS AMERICANUS | Three-square Rush
    SCIRPUS AMERICANUS | Three-square Rush
    Three-square Rush (Scirpus Americanus) is a Bulrush Sedge that grows 2-3 feet tall with seasonal brown color and forms dense colonies. Stems are sharply triangular and grow up to three feet tall. There are few leaf blades...

  • SCIRPUS ACUTUS | Hard Stem Bulrush
    $0.00 Choose Options SCIRPUS ACUTUS | Hard Stem Bulrush
    Hardstem bulrush (Sirpus Acutus) is a perennial, heavily rhizomatous wetland plant that is found in marshes, lake, resevoir and pond shorelines; generally in standing water not more than 2.5 m in depth. It grows on soils...

  • JUNCUS TORREYI | Torrey's Rush
    $0.00 Choose Options JUNCUS TORREYI | Torrey's Rush
    Torrey's Rush (Juncus Torreyi) is a native perennial rush is 2-3' tall and unbranched, except near the apex where the inflorescence occurs. The stout central stem is green, glabrous, and terete (round in cross-section)...

  • JUNCUS TENUIS | Path Rush
    $0.00 Choose Options JUNCUS TENUIS | Path Rush
    Path Rush (Juncus Tenuis) is a native perennial rush is typically 4-12"" tall.  It is often densely tufted with erect to ascending stems that are light to medium green, slender, glabrous, and unbranched. The leaves...

  • JUNCUS INTERIOR | Inland Rush
    $0.00 Choose Options JUNCUS INTERIOR | Inland Rush
    Inland Rush is a perennial herb with tufted roots. It has long, flat, narrow leaves with rounded auricles. The flowers are located along the ascending branchlets. They are green with very narrow, pointed sepals and petals...

  • JUNCUS EFFUSUS | Soft Rush
    $0.00 Choose Options JUNCUS EFFUSUS | Soft Rush
    This native perennial rush is about 2-4' tall, forming vegetative clumps of unbranched stems that are erect to ascending. Each stem is medium green, terete (round in cross-section), soft, and hairless; it is typically about...

  • JUNCUS DUDLEYI | Dudley's Rush
    $0.00 Choose Options JUNCUS DUDLEYI | Dudley's Rush
    Dudley;   Click Here for Detailed Info Sun Exposure               Prairie Soil Moisture Wet, Wet Mesic, Dry Mesic Bloom...

  • JUNCUS BALTICUS | Baltic Rush
    $0.00 Choose Options JUNCUS BALTICUS | Baltic Rush
    Baltic Rush is found at low to mid elevations. Found in wet depressions, ,moist meadows, sloughs, springs, swales. Typical environment is where it is most often wet soil and areas that are flooded in spring and dry out in...

    (PLS) Spike Rush (Eleocharis Palustris) is a mat-forming perennial plant in the genus Eleocharis (and subgenus Eleocharis) growing in wetlands. E. palustris is not easily distinguished from other closely related species and...