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Spring Blooming

Native Wildflowers and Prairie Grasses can provide vibrant color throughout the seasons. 
The following native species traditionally bloom in the spring, in the months of April, May and June.

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  • PHLOX PILOSA | Prairie Phlox
    $0.00 PHLOX PILOSA | Prairie Phlox
    "Prairie Phlox, Downy Phlox" Phlox comes from the Greek word for "flame", most likely referring to the flowers' brilliant color.   Click Here for Detailed Info Sun...

  • POLEMONIUM REPTANS | Jacob's Ladder
    POLEMONIUM REPTANS | Jacob's Ladder
    "Jacob's Ladder, Bluebell, Greek Valerian, Skunk Weed"     Click Here for Detailed Info Sun Exposure               Prairie,...

  • SMILACINA RACEMOSA | False Solomon's Seal
    $0.00 Choose Options SMILACINA RACEMOSA | False Solomon's Seal
    "False Solomon's Seal, Golden Seal, Job's Tears, Solomon's Plume, Treacle Berry, Wild Spikenard, Zigzag" Smilacina comes from a Greek word meaning "small and thorny"; a misnomer because this plant has no thorns but it...

  • $0.00 Choose Options SPARGANIUM EURYCARPUM | Giant Bur Reed
    (PLS) Very common throughout the entire US, Here in Allamakee county it is much less common than it is in the Lakes Region of Iowa. Can reach 4 feet tall and has distinctive, large, bur-shaped fruits. Leaves are very stiff...

    $0.00 Choose Options STAPHYLEA TRIFOLIA | Bladdernut
    Leaves are opposite, pinnately compound with three (rarely 5) ovate or obovate leaflets that are 2 to 4 inches long. Leaflet margins are serrate.Flower is green-white, bell-shaped and small, borne on dangling 2 inch long...

  • TRADESCANTIA BRACTEATA | Prairie Spiderwort
    $0.00 Choose Options TRADESCANTIA BRACTEATA | Prairie Spiderwort
    Prairie Spiderwort (Common Name) | Tradescantia Bracteata (Scientific Name) reaches 2 to 3 feet tall and prefers sandy or rocky prairies, open rocky oak woodlands; mostly in the Tallgrass biome from western Illinois...

  • Ohio Spiderwort
    $0.00 Choose Options TRADESCANTIA OHIENSIS | Ohio Spiderwort
    Common Name: Spiderwort, Cow Slobber, Indian Paint, Job's Tears, Blue Jackets, Widow's Tears, Moses in the Bulrushes, Dayflower, Trinity Flower. Scientific Name:  Tradescantia Ohiensis (Named in...

  • VIOLA PEDATIFIDA | Prairie Violet
    $0.00 VIOLA PEDATIFIDA | Prairie Violet
    Prairie violet is perennial from a short underground stem above stringy roots. Plants are usually about five or six inches tall. The long-stalked leaves are divided into narrow segments. Early in the season each plant bears...

  • ZIZIA APTERA | Heartleaf Alexanders
    ZIZIA APTERA | Heartleaf Alexanders
    "Heartleaf Alexanders, Heart-leaved Meadow Parsnip" Zizea named in honor of German botanist, Johann Baptist Ziz and aptera from the Latin word for "having no wings".     Click Here for Detailed...

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