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Forbs / Wildflowers

Native Wildflower Seeds & Plants

Native plants adapt to the local climate and soil conditions where they naturally occur. They provide nectar, pollen, and seeds that serve as a food source for native butterflies, insects, birds and other wildlife.  In comparison, common horticultural plants do not provide energetic rewards for their visitors and often require insect pest control to survive.

We offer a full selection of native wildflower prairie plants and seeds in addition to design consultation and soil amendments.   Why Plant Plugs?  PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY ON PLANT PLUGS.

Have questions regarding plant site, soil, blooms, sun, height or maintenance?  
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    $0.00 Choose Options VERNONIA FASCICULATA | Ironweed
    Ironweed or Common Ironweed (Vernonia fasciculata) offers unusually brilliant purple flowers on top of 6-8' tall stems. Blooms between July and September. Seeds are fluffy brown that disperse nicely in the wind. Ironweed can...

    $0.00 Choose Options VERONICASTRUM VIRGINICUM | Culver's Root
    "Culver's Root, Culver's Physic, Blackroot, Bowman's Root, High Veronica, Tall Speedwell" "Another commonly found species throughout the Tallgrass region on rich, moist soils, Culver's Root grows from 2 to 7 feet tall...

  • VIOLA PEDATIFIDA | Prairie Violet
    $0.00 VIOLA PEDATIFIDA | Prairie Violet
    Prairie violet is perennial from a short underground stem above stringy roots. Plants are usually about five or six inches tall. The long-stalked leaves are divided into narrow segments. Early in the season each plant bears...

  • ZIZIA APTERA | Heartleaf Alexanders
    ZIZIA APTERA | Heartleaf Alexanders
    "Heartleaf Alexanders, Heart-leaved Meadow Parsnip" Zizea named in honor of German botanist, Johann Baptist Ziz and aptera from the Latin word for "having no wings".     Click Here for Detailed...

  • Golden Alexander - ZIZIA AUREA
    $0.00 Choose Options ZIZIA AUREA | Golden Alexanders
    Zizea named in honor of German botanist, Johann Baptist Ziz and aurea from the Latin word for "golden-yellow". Reaches 3 feet tal, stalked and alternate compound leaves, each leaf divided into three parts with each of those...